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I’ve lately been obsessed with the food we eat and where it comes from. Maybe it springs from a little voice in my head urging me to try to become a full-fledged vegetarian. I remember reading an interesting theory of evolution some years ago. There is apparently a school of thought that subscribes to the belief that Man’s downfall began with his becoming a settler and an agriculturalist. As long as Man was a scavenger and later a hunter-gatherer, he was still a participant in the natural order of the world. His foray into farming, however, is considered Man’s first conscious act of viewing himself as separate from the rest of nature and attempting to manipulate it for his own gain.

With all these thoughts in my head, today’s illustration is of a four step food chain (Cat-owl-worm-plant). The concept of food chains is fascinating to me and this could just be the first of a series of several more!.. Lion- bison- deer- grass or maybe Fox- squirrel, bird, worm!

What would you like to see illustrated?:)