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An elephant was walking along a river, when he saw a turtle standing there. With all the force he could muster, he kicked it, and it shot into the mountains. A passing zebra remarked:
“Why did you do that?”
“I recognise that as the same turtle that bit me on my leg 44 years ago,” said the Elephant.
“Wow, what an amazing memory!”
“Yes, turtle recall.” 🙂

As a child, summer vacations in India meant a trip to my grandma’s house near the southern-most tip of the country. My memories of my time there revolved around frolicking in the waterfalls nearby, visiting numerous ancient temples and reveling in their incredible architecture and getting to interact with a whole host of animals and birds ranging from deer, cows, peacocks and of course elephants!

Today’s illustration depicts a temple elephant getting its routine shower.  Many temples (especially in the south) own elephants as they are a vital part of several temple ceremonies and celebrations.

Did you know that much like human toddlers, great apes, magpies and dolphins, elephants have passed the mirror test-they recognize themselves in a mirror!