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A friend recently asked me ” Why are all your illustrations predominantly black and white with such excruciating detail?” I couldn’t come up with a convincing answer.  I did ponder about this later though and wonder if there is any truth to an article I came across in this search. Apparently, huge canvasses or papers filled with bright colors and bold strokes are usually associated with confident, expressive, extroverted individuals while detailed small pen strokes is more representative of a slightly reserved, introverted, contemplative nature. I suppose that this is a sweeping generalization but it does largely hold true in my case. Does anyone else believe in this theory? Based on your art/ painting how would you describe yourself?:)

At a pub quiz my husband and I frequent with some friends, we were recently asked to fill in the blanks of Joyce Kilmer’s poem-” I think that I shall never see… A poem as lovely as a ——–.” The correct answer ( which we obviously didn’t get in time) was tree. Today’s illustration is in memory of that quiz we miserably failed:)