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Below is an alligator inspired by an age-old South Indian tradition called “Kolam” which always reminds me of home!

A Kolam (also known as Alpana, Rangoli, Muggulu across India) is generally a pattern guided by dots drawn at the entrance of a house with rice flour powder. These designs are made with bare fingers and the dots connect to form shapes or loops are drawn encircling the dots to complete a motif. The rice powder is said to invite small birds and ants into one’s every day life symbolic of harmonious co-existence. Occasionally, cow dung, believed to have antiseptic properties is also used to wax the floor and provide some protection. Kolam’s are associated with ritual value and special occasions call for limestone and red brick powder to afford greater contrast and a celebratory flavor.

Enjoy the kolam-gator basking in a summer swamp!:)