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While wall decals have been around for a while and are here to stay, occasionally, they appear to hang loose in a large room looking lost. This project that I wrapped up a few weeks ago aims to combine the best of wall decals and interactivity by creating a stage and providing a context to the characters with the usage of whiteboard paint. This serves to create a more meaningful & engaging space over-all.

The whiteboard areas can be doodled upon and used for homework, notes, list of chores, reminders or just simple drawings of anything under the sun. The first activity the lil imp, the proud owner of this room, indulged in was to paint the tree house itself in her own special way:) Detail of a wall decal character with his interactive whiteboard speech bubble merrily doodled upon.
Detail of the tree house under which the Pop & Lolli wall decal divas mill around casting their magic spell.Below is a glimpse into the process and transformation of the space.Interacting with the space.