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“The body is a sacred garment- Martha Graham”

Today’s post is a series of tactile swatches I created several years ago. As a student of textile design in India, it struck me that most of our traditional patterns and prints revolve around floral motifs, paisleys and the occasional geometric surface. This was an attempt to look beyond the obvious.

Inspiration lies within all of us. The Human Body is a rich source of inspiration full of life, energy and love. The following patterns have been derived from red blood corpuscles as well as the thoracic ribs and neural networks.Human body inspirationInspired from the Red Blood Corpuscles and articulated through an Indian craft technique known as “Tritik” or “Stitch Resist.”RBC 1RBC 2rbc3Patterns inspired by the Thoracic or Rib Cage derived from “Batik” or “Wax Resist.”ribrib1rib3Block Print yardage created from nerve endings and neurons.neuralneural2