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My husband, a writer, returned from a recent trip with this beautiful collection of book cover postcards. Fresh from the experience of an exhibit by Barry McGee at a museum nearby, I decided to try my hand at decorating our bedroom and workspace with these beautifully illustrated covers rich with storytelling. 2aThe postcards have been stuck with removable painters tape in a random assortment extending from the ceiling to the vertical wall. Painter’s tape was a cost-effective (and easier) alternative to frames for putting up so many different images and the pop of blue color that holds it all together does provide some edginess. The imperfect pixel postcard composition with colorful covers instantly converted our routine space into something dynamic and fun!1a3a
6“It’s pure chaos, claiming a territory that doesn’t belong to you to state your own identity. It’s like saying, ‘I’ve got no other way to say I exist.” Barry McGee

Below are images clicked from the extremely memorable and inspirational Barry McGee Exhibit at ICA in Boston a few weeks ago. Enjoy!:)Barry McGee1